Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

The Data Privacy and Protection Policy posted on GROUNDPLAN’s website is intended to help you understand why we collect your personal data and how we use them to prove our compliance in accordance with the existent legal framework. This website has been designed to comply with the following regulations and directives:

  • ACT 3471/2006 (Greek Government Gazette133/Α΄/28.6.2006)
  • ACT Ν.4624/2019
  • ACT 4070-2012 (Greek Government Gazette 82/10.4.2012)
  • EUROPEAN REGULATION 2018 of the EU on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We do hope that you will all read it carefully.
If you disagree, please leave the website immediately.
This Policy concerns anyone who uses our services by using a mobile phone or visiting the website.
Our website reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without any prior notification with immediate effect.

2. Personal data security

When you use the services we offer or contact us through the contact form available, we need to process your personal data required for the proper and safe operation of the website. While we process your personal data we comply with applicable legislation. In this context, our priority and commitment is to maintain your confidence.
We will never sell, rent, distribute, or in any way publicize your personal data. If you are under 16 years old, you MUST have your parents’ or guardians’ consent before you use the services provided by this website.
This Data Privacy and Protection Policy provides detailed information regarding when and why we collect your personal data, how we use and process them and for how long we keep them.

3. Personal data that you provide to us automatically

By simply visiting and navigating the website, certain information may be collected identifying you directly or indirectly, such as:

  • Internet protocol (ΙΡ) address of your computer,
  • type of your browser and operational system,
  • webpages which you visited immediately before and after visiting our webpage,
  • speed of connection and information about software programs installed on your computer,
  • basic information about the connection with the server, and
  • information collected through HTML cookies, flash cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies (see section on “Cookies” below).

The reason we decrypt and maintain your computer’s ΙΡ address, is due to our legal obligation to ensure network security, the provision of our services and the promotion of the information provided by our website, free from any malicious act to provide you with a truly safe environment for your browsing on our website, always in accordance with applicable rules of legislation regarding GDPR, (GDPR, article 6 paragraph 1 subparagraphs “c” and “f” )

4. Personal data collected when you fill in our contact form

The website has a contact form available, which you can use to submit your questions to us. While completing and submitting the online contact form you will be requested to submit the following details:

  • your full name
  • visitor’s email
  • subject
  • your message

Your personal data are kept for the duration of our communication, for the sole purpose of responding immediately to your messages, personalized provision of services and information, as well as the statistical analysis of the number of visits to and the use of our website. The legal basis for processing your personal data is your consent (GDPR, article 6 paragraph 1a).

5. Use and exchange of information

GROUNDPLAN respects your right to the protection of your privacy and your personal information, and this is the reason why it uses this information to achieve the said purposes. For this reason, it does not share, transfer, or make your personal information accessible to third parties. Furthermore, we do not transfer this information to areas outside the European Union.
We may also make your personal information available to other companies, applications or individuals under the circumstances described below:

  • It may share aggregated information or information not identifying you directly with third parties, so that it may be able to develop its website content and services.
  • It may use third parties, now or in the future, for the provision of services relating to our website, such as database management, maintenance services, detailed information, data processing, distribution of email and text messages. Such third parties shall have access to your personal information solely for the purpose of performing their duties described above on our behalf, with express contractual obligations in place, concerning the protection of your privacy and personal data.
  • It may share personal information for the purpose of investigating, preventing or taking action against illegal activities, if there are any suspicions of unlawful acts or offences directed at rights and legitimate interests of any natural or legal person, in the event of breach of our website’s Terms of Use or if it is required by law and in other cases where we believe in good faith that sharing of information is required.
  • It may share personal information to respond to court summonses, search warrants, judicial processes, court orders, legal proceedings, or other law enforcement measures by any competent authority, including the Greek Personal Data Protection Authority and Data Protection Supervisory Authorities of other European Union member states, and to guarantee and protect its legal rights or to answer any claims against it.
  • It may share the information provided to us, by sharing or publicizing actions identifying you directly on social networks. It should be noted that, in this case, any action is chosen by you first before it is posted on social networks.

6. Retention period of information

GROUNDPLAN shall keep the data collected through its website for the minimum period which is necessary to fulfil the said purposes of data processing. Providing that you withdraw your consent to the collection and processing of your personal data, it shall delete your personal data from its electronic and physical files, unless keeping of such data becomes necessary in compliance with its legal obligations or exercise, establishment or upholding of rights or legitimate interests before judicial authorities.

7. Security

We are fully committed to protecting your personal data. To achieve this, we implement all the modern and appropriate technical and organizational measures required for the purpose of data processing, the suitability and adequacy of which measures we check on a regular basis.

8. Your rights

In accordance with the GDPR on the protection of personal data, you can exercise the following rights:

  • Access and Information
    You have the right to obtain information on which data we have collected, for which purpose we have collected them, the legal basis of data processing, for how long we will retain your data, as well as the recipients of your data.
  • Correction
    You have the right to request that we correct any inaccurate information or even add more information about you, provided you make available to us the documents necessary to prove that there is indeed a need for correction or for providing supplementary information.
  • Restriction and Objection to processing
    You have the right to request that we limit or even exclude the processing of your personal data, if you challenge the accuracy of information that we keep about you, if you realize that we process your data in an unlawful way.
  • Erasure
    Lastly, you have the right to request in writing that we delete your personal data when they are no longer required in relation to the purpose for which they were collected or if you revoke your consent to data processing and in all other cases provided for in the GDPR.

If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact us by the following means:
Contact telephone number:

  • 24910-23950
  • 6948878677



In any case, you have the right to lodge a complaint to the Data Protection Authority (

9. Amendments to this Policy

GROUNDPLAN reserves the right to amend this Policy, always in accordance with the applicable rules of national law relating to GDPR. Our website visitors are strongly advised to regularly read this GDPR compliant Privacy Policy to stay informed with any change taking place. We are not obligated to inform each visitor to our website separately about the said changes. Continued use of our website, even after any Privacy Policy changes have taken place means that you unconditionally accept the said terms.

Cookies Policy

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