Apartment in Farsala


The project concerns the interior design of an apartment with a surface area of 121.00 m2 in the town of Farsala. The apartment consists of a living room, a kitchen and a dining room combined into a single area, three bedrooms, a bathroom and a WC.

Our intention was to design a space which would incorporate dark-coloured materials accentuated by various textures of wood and marble elements. For this reason, wooden surfaces were added to the gray background of the apartment in the form of interior door frames or interspersed in the tile-covered walls, adding warmth to the setup. The kitchen was designed within a combination of minimal and contemporary style incorporating smooth matte cabinet doors in gray and wood hues accentuated by the gray marble texture on the kitchen bench.

Linear or spot lighting in the form of prominent or concealed light sources was employed to meet the lighting needs of the apartment, preserving its minimal aesthetic at the same time. Black marble imitation tiles were used as the predominant element in the bathroom’s design giving off an air of luxury in combination with light-coloured cement tiles to lighten up the setup. The WC space was designed along the style of the single area, using gray marble tiles for the lower half of the walls and wood imitation tiles for the upper half, in perfect harmony with the other elements in wood found in the apartment.

It was due to these additions, that the creation of a minimal contemporary space was possible, which was the original aim of the design project.

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