Apartment in the town of Farsala


The project concerns the completion of a ground-floor apartment with a surface area of 128,10 m2 in the town of Farsala. The living-room, kitchen and dining room were combined into a single area, whereas the rest of the space consists of a children’s bedroom, a master bedroom with an en suite WC and the main bathroom of the apartment.

Warm hues of beige, grey and white formed the colour palette which was adopted to decorate the apartment. Natural wood in golden brown colour was used for the parquet floors. Wooden slats of the same colour were used to decorate various other parts of the apartment. The kitchen’s cupboard doors are made of solid wood and the centrally-placed island has been designed to be fully operational, since it incorporates the cooking rings and can also be used as a serving bench. Externally placed spotlights in brass colour are used exclusively for the functional lighting of the single area.

LED strip lights play a key role, as they are used sparingly on walls, furniture and structures. Microcement was used to plaster the entire WC area, the walls, the floor and the bench, cleverly combined with white-door bathroom cabinets. The main bathroom was tiled using white marble imitation bathroom tiles excellently combined with cabinets in rich walnut colour. Golden accessories were used to accentuate the feel of a luxurious bathroom.

This ground-floor apartment has been designed to create a casual atmosphere for the relaxation and comfort of the owners and their guests with the appeal of modern design.

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