Avli Mezedopolion | Farsala 2022

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The project includes the design and construction of the tavern grill ‘Avli’ in the city of Farsala, near the park of Apidanos river. The construction initiated during the covid-19 pandemic period and the source of inspiration was the outside environment. Based on this, elements and material found in an outdoor environment, were transferred from outside to inside in order to create an “inner courtyard”.

Considering the space has a loft, priority was given to the layout and functionality as well as the accessibility of people with reduced mobility (i.e. barrier-free). For this reason, the wheelchair access to the store is assured with a ramp, while on the right the table seats dominate the main space. The service areas, the kitchen, bar, wc and food storage are located in the back of the ground floor and attic. Thus, a background was created, lined with aged decorative brick and a bar with a roof constructed of corrugated metal sheets – and above it – an industrial type open staircase that extends along the entire side.

With this design synthesis, the available space was fully utilized and facilitate customer service from the kitchen to the bar. The composition of the stands at the back and the low tables and benches on the front enhances the customer’s view both to the outside park and to the interior space as a whole.

Color and material composition boosts the ‘inner courtyard’ ambience. Aged brick and exposed concrete were used on the masonry as well as metal elements such as sheets and wire nets on rust textures. The floor was paved with cobblestone type tiles, which complement the wooden tables, seats and benches, thus adding a warm atmosphere to the tavern. Particular attention was given to the ceiling composition with a wooden construction with hanging pots and plants, the sphere pendant lightings – that resemble the outdoor luminaries – play significant role.

Finally, the façade reflects the same philosophy, as openings with arches at the top are lined with aged decorative bricks and enriched with decorative metal shutters that cover the skylights.

The materials and textures used – both inside and outside the tavern – aim at the experience of a sense of unity between the indoor and outdoor food experience, with the common goal of a comfortable and welcome ambience.






Theodoros Arsenopoulos & Theodora Saatsaki


Giannis Arsenopoulos