Groundplan Architecture Office | Farsala 2021






Theodoros Arsenopoulos & Theodora Saatsaki


Giannis Arsenopoulos

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Taking into account that the available space was limited, an ergonomic design with custom made constructions had to be applied, which would promoted a job prototype of collective team work for equal partners in an unified space that favors their concentrated and undistracted work, but also their discharge.

The large openings and the office’ s height ensure spaciousness and permeability, as well as the transparent sliding and rotating doors, which separate the working and meeting spaces and have the advantage of a variable closure. The users can modify each room by opening and closing the glass door separators and so being able to a space serving their needs at any time. Also, space transparency makes it easy to physically and visually wander around the spaces.

GroundPlan architectural office was founded 2010 in the city of Farsala. In 2021 the office moved to a new space, which was renovated by its architects, who designed and realized the construction to clearly reflect their design philosophy.

The office’s functions are organized into two spatial units, which can operate separate or unified. The first section includes the reception area, the seminar area, the seminar room, the working and equipment areas with the printers and plotters. In the second unit there are, in addition to another office space, also an archive, a kitchen and storage area.

Priority was given in the layout, the functionality and the polymorphic flexibility of the synthesis, so as to meet the client’s needs for privacy or togetherness during daily routine.

The shades and textures used for the interior are mainly those of coarse gray polished pozzolan mortar and wood, which adds the necessary warmth to the neutral canvas of the cold masonry. Specifically, the chosen masonry and flooring mortars used, are composed out of volcanic ash with naturally colored rocks and hydrocalcium, which perfectly harmonize with the final composition resulting in high quality materials which are environmentally friendly. The choice of the same cement mortar for the exterior façade, as for the rest of the interior space, enhances both the sense of integration of the exterior and interior spaces and the individual work spaces between themselves. Lastly, special focus was paid to the elements that favor the relaxation of the people using the space. The pebbles and plants throughout the offices, create a more comfortable ambience, bringing natural elements from the outside area inti the interior space.

The volume of the furniture and the constructions follow minimal lines with the dominant imposing wooden multi-position office desk that is standing right at the entrance. The aged metallic copper lamps harmonize with the shades of the space and add a discreet luxury to the office.

The overall design, from the design stage to the realization of the constructions based on natural textures, the imposing constructions and the flow of the natural-presence and visual wandering, aims to experience a pleasant everyday environment, ideal for individual and collective work.