Loft apartment | Larissa 2022






Theodoros Arsenopoulos & Konstantina Nastou


Giannis Arsenopoulos


The project concerns the major refurbishment of a light and airy mezzanine apartment with a surface area of 46,00 m2, in a ’70s multi-storey building in the centre of the city of Larissa.

The design’s key focus was the extraordinary colour palette and the permeability of spaces. Excellent use of the corridor guiding into the apartment was made by creating a hidden wardrobe covered in mirrors, which evokes a sense of luxury and lightness of space at the same time, making the volume of the structure totally inconspicuous. On the exact opposite side of the corridor, a custom-made console table with a top made from a solid green marble slab from the island of Tinos was placed against the wall. The interior panel of the entrance door is painted in the same colour used on walls.

Moving on to the main areas, a wall was removed completely to create an open-air plan kitchen and living room, fulfilling the needs for natural lighting as adequately as possible. To this extent, fanlights were used above the bathroom and bedroom doors lending an air of grandness to the apartment.

The shocking pink kitchen cupboards in conjunction with the white wall tiles maintain a visual balance between the hot colour of the cupboards and the equally hot colour of the vertical surfaces of the apartment.

In the bathroom, the colour of sanitary fixtures creates a harmonious effect with the wall/floor tiles and tesserae covering the shower floor. The window-like opening above the kitchen sink helps natural light reach the bedroom and also offers an excellent outdoor view of the trees lining the pavement, once inside the bedroom. The bedroom was painted in dark petrol green and houses another wardrobe also covered in mirrors to make it disappear in space. The bedroom offers a unique view of the bathroom through a strikingly unconventional narrow rectangular opening in red glass.

Some of the lighting fixtures in the apartment have a more classical feel to them adapted to suit modern times, while others hang over the main areas. Wall sconces are strategically placed, but always in pairs and symmetrically used to accentuate open wall spaces. The combination of space openings and the colour shades used in the composition emphasize the sense of space permeability and pop mood by creating a colourful lively atmosphere evoking the elegance of a bygone era.

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