Loft Apartment | Larissa 2023






Thodoris Arsenopoulos & Thodora Saatsaki


Giannis Arsenopoulos


The project is about a 3rd floor apartment of a surface area 44,65 m2 in the centre of the city of Larissa, looking to the east overlooking Panagouli street, one of the central high streets of the city.

This particular loft has been designed as a single space without any partitions separating the various utility spaces. The entrance to the apartment is in the less lit area of the apartment, which also houses the bedroom area. The bed is arranged on an elevated wooden floor. The wardrobe panels were covered with mirrors, which multiply the incoming light and give the illusion of a bigger, more spacious area. The shower unit opposite the bedroom, on the other side of the entrance, was painted in predominantly cool cobalt blue and covered with mosaic tiles. The shower unit looks into the bedroom through an impressive narrow rectangular opening in red glass.

Moving on towards the living room, the polychromy continuous into the kitchen area where the cupboards have been painted in lemon-yellow and combined with shelves in the colour of natural dark wood and bookcases in olive-green hues. Needless to say, furniture too follow suit, by making excellent use of colour, the kitchen stools are in natural cherry-red wood, whereas the sofas are in crimson red leather. The kitchen island and the kitchen bench are covered with vinyl paneling imitating black marble, which in turn reflects the beautifully executed built-in geometrical design of the floor, incorporating glossy black marble tiles and brass rods.

Some of the lighting fixtures in the apartment have a more classical feel to them adapted to suit modern times, while others hang over the main areas. Wall sconces are strategically placed, but always in pairs and symmetrically used to accentuate open wall spaces.
The objective of the design was to create a colourful, vivid but elegant atmosphere of a bygone, yet modern era.

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