See Throught Loft | Farsala 2020






Theodoros Arsenopoulos & Theodora Saatsaki


Giannis Arsenopoulos


GroundPlan undertook the renovation of a 90m2 third floor apartment in a 1982 dated block of flats located in the city of Farsala.

The functions are organized in two spatial units, which can be either separated and united. The first unit includes the hallway, the living room, the kitchen and the dining area. The three bedrooms, the bathroom and the secondary spaces are situated in the second unit of the apartment.

Priority was given on the polymorphic layout of the apartment, in a way that the needs for privacy and togetherness may be met in different moments of everyday life. For this reason, see-through partitions were placed in the kitchen area, allowing for privacy when required, but without renouncing to the elegance of the space. The transparency of the spaces makes it easy but also interesting to wander around the common areas, allowing also for the visual control of the space.

The color shades as well as the materials used, mainly those of wood give the necessary warmth to the white canvas of the masonry. The furniture and construction volumes follow minimal lines, with, as the main feature of the common area, the black shaped kitchen.

The metallic illuminators in dark shade with golden details harmonize with the shades of the space and create a discreet luxury atmosphere to the apartment.

Both the simple textures and the clean shades used to create a space suitable for habitants to relax and enjoy their everyday life in the apartment.

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