Silwood in Volos


The 2nd Silwood company shop opened in the city of Volos and is housed in a 60’s building.

The greatest challenge confronting us was the building’s construction date, since our respect for its past was the governing factor before we even started planning. Ground Plan’s team wished to create a showroom with a warm and friendly atmosphere, by taking full advantage of the configuration of this individual two-storey building, which reminds more of a residence than a shop. Special emphasis was given to the 360° viewing experience uniquely identifying each new showroom of the Silwood family of shops.

The ergonomic design, the presentation of the samples taking full advantage of the height of the interior space, as well as the use of material samples to cover the ceiling contribute to the visitor’s visual wandering and to the excitement of the imagination by the small surprises found all over in the space. Even the most demanding customer expectations can be fulfilled by materials for every use and thematic rooms, some of them of minimal, traditional design or with planted walls. The outdoor space is in alignment with the existing building lines, where the main volumes are painted in gray, the traditional design openings in natural wood colour and the elaborate railings in a darker colour.

As the visitor wanders through the specially designed interior and exterior spaces, he discovers the various materials and their potential through this unique experience.

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