Silwood Showroom | Larissa 2021

The first showroom of the company Silwood LTD, a parquet store in the city of Larisa, was renovated by architectural office GroundPlan. The basic design focus was on the ergonomic presentation of a large variety of parquet materials and surface covering materials. It was important to create an experiential experience of the products and any type of upholstery that can be purchased in the store.

Based on the client’s needs, we developed a design method where all the design elements – but also any additional constructions for sampling or storage reasons that would be hosted in the space -would be integrated without effort into the original bearing space structure on one hand and create paths which conduct a walking flow for the clients to interact between materials presented materials on the other hand. The space’s big difference in height, the largest being around 5.00m and the shortest being around 2.50m -due to the existing attic at the back of the store – resulted in a serious challenge to utilize the space in all its height and width. Thanks to the imposing constructions of wood and metal the visitor can see, and more important, experience, the application of materials throughout the store vertically and horizontally.

In the first space, when entering the store, you will see half an arc with build-in chest drawers at the base. It’ s curvature is enhanced by wooden folds and in between them minimal illuminators and spot lights are hanging to provide general or directed lighting. In the middle of the central of the central space a column is turned into a horizontal sampling emerging in its perimeter.

In the showcase, the first thing a pedestrian can view from outside the store, there are four rotating poles with round sampling frames, allowing visitors to walk among them, making easier the choice of materials to suit their needs. Of course, the final composition could not miss a discussion area, where an organic shaped bench and a roof construction that is a faithful projection of its shape, is enriched inside with hanging lamps and vertical wooden bars of various heights. In the shape behind the discussion area dominates a chain construction, which consists of two wooden triangular cabinets at its borders and in between there is a through metal construction with places for samples, applied to the floor, masonry and ceiling. Small additions on the shop window with double-sided revolving blinds create a short exhibition corner-store façade for the passing pedestrians and vehicles, promoting the store’ s interior.

The shades chosen for the masonry, flooring and ceiling aim to create a neutral canvas through which the multitude of shades of the materials supplied by the store emerge. The wall coating is made out of pozzolana (volcanic earth from Santorini), river sand and sand-lime compounds, that make it suitable for business spaces since it is classified as one of the strongest hydraulic mortars.

The rotating structures, in combination with the total floor plans, give a full 360° experience to the visitor.






Theodoros Arsenopoulos & Theodora Saatsaki


Giannis Arsenopoulos

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